Confusing 'Next' button when configuring a database


When filling in the database details, there is a 'Next' right below the form, looking for all the world like the correct button to press once you've filled in the details.

Clicking 'Submit' loses everything you've filled in, and dumps you in a different tab. The correct button is the much less prominent 'Submit' off to the right.

This bites me every time I set up PlaySQL on a new instance.


The button will be hidden until the connection is saved.






Adrien Ragot (Old account)
June 22, 2016, 7:05 AM

You're right, I should disable it while the connections are being edited. I believe this button is useful because it takes the user to the next place that needs to be edited. And when they click the last "next", it sets a flag that the add-on is configured. That part could be improved, but it's not a priority, so I'll just disable the button.

Jeff Turner (Red Radish Consulting)
June 22, 2016, 6:04 AM

I meant to say "Clicking 'Next' loses everything" above (please grant Reporters the 'Edit' permission).

As for a fix, is the 'Next' button even necessary? I can see the tabs, and will click through them in my own time. There is no urgent need to lead users through step by step.



Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)


Jeff Turner (Red Radish Consulting)