Unable to disable a PlaySQL connection: It says "Please select a dialect"


We raised a ticket with you last year regarding our installation of PlaySQL and the fact we wanted to restrict access to it. With your help we successfully changed the configuration so that PlaySQL could only be used by Confluence spaces that had connections explicitly defined, and each space had their own schema in the PlaySQL database.

We discovered recently that PlaySQL has once again become available to all users. I suspect this happened following a routine upgrade and that some values got set back to default settings. We are now trying to set PlaySQL up again so that it is not available to spaces by default and that it can only be used by spaces we have defined connections for.

My understanding is that to disable PlaySQL for general use I need to go into the PlaySQL setup and then into the Database(manual configuration) tab. In here we have a number of contexts. There is a 'Default Values' context, a 'Global Connections' context, and then a context for each of the spaces we have explicitly defined as being allowed to use PlaySQL. I think that what I need to do is 'Disable' the 'Global Connections' context so that any new spaces which try to access PlaySQL do not succeed. (If I've got this wrong and there is another way I should be disabling PlaySQL for general use, apart from the contexts I have defined, then can you let me know what it is please).

When I try to disable the Global Connections context it fails. I go into 'Edit' and then select 'the 'type' box. This has the value of 'Use JNDI Connection'. I'm selecting 'Disable' instead, and then clicking on 'Submit'. Instead of disabling this context I just get the message 'please select a dialect'. I've tried this only some of the other contexts and get the same message. Can you please confirm that what I am doing is the right way to disable PlaySQL from general use, and how I can disable a context. I've attached some screen shots showing the message.






Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)


Julian Flatt






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