Not able to update and save playsql spreadsheet


I get user anonymous error every time I add data to the spreadsheet.
I'm not able to save the Playsql spreadsheet. Some rows are missing in some spreadsheets. Attached screenshots, please take a look.







Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)
July 31, 2019, 12:12 PM

That's correct, there was a problem with your data which prevented you from using the software for some time.

I understand why you were associating several bugs/screenshots which seemed unrelated. You couldn't edit the data in your instance. I am very sorry for what happened. It is now fixed for your data, but if you reproduce the circumstances, I can't fix it again. There is no clean way to fix it.

How to reproduce

  • Delete a column in a table (in your situation, you had done this on the table 'test'),

  • Delete the table,

  • Recreate the table.

  • 30 days later, it will be impossible to perform modifications, even on other tables.

Root cause

It is due to the way we store the audit trail.

  • When a column is deleted, we keep the column hidden, with the prefix "_DELETED_the_column_name", and we keep track of it in the history. The goal is to be able to recover the data if the customer requests it.

  • 30 days later, this history can be purged. Play SQL Spreadsheets tries to purge it, and tries to drop the column "_DELETED_the_column_name". Unfortunately, if the table has also been deleted and recreated, then trying to drop the column creates an exception.


  • We have no way to fix the problem permanently for the moment, since we are overwhelmed with the Data Center certification on Requirement Yogi, and fixing this issue may cascade with other similar problems.

  • It is best if you avoid deleting-then-recreating tables with the same name.

  • Otherwise, if you meet this problem again, please ask us to clean up the old table in the database.

I'm sorry for this bug and not fixing it earlier. Did you create another bug in this Jira, a month ago, which I've missed? If so, I'm sorry again.

Best regards,

Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)
July 31, 2019, 10:03 AM

Update from Kaveri by email: "Please find attached screenshots of the issues I’m having with PlaySql. The app was working fine for the first month and after one month I’m unable to add data, edit or save spreadsheets."

NOTE: Please see the next comment, as it will talk about the root cause of your issue instead of the various screenshots individually.

Can't rename column

That seems to be the correct error message. This is the name of the SQL column, and it is not possible to have spaces in column names in SQL. Please follow the advice of the error message.

Error message "Method not allowed"

It seems you've tried to create a column with no name. The error message isn't clear, but it is not possible to create columns in any database if they don't have a name. Please provide a column name, which should be all lowercase, numbers and no spaces.

Error editing a row

This one is more interesting: You can't edit a specific cell. This is probably because you still have columns which are not configured properly. Please refresh the page and see what are the existing columns. If there are still columns in red, please fix them before editing the data.

I'll have a look at your instance

I will now go to your database and check whether there is anything unexpected with your tables, but according to the 3 screenshots above, I don't foresee any problem.

Best regards,

Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)
July 1, 2019, 9:15 AM

Hi Kavery,

I'm not seeing your attached screenshots. Can you reattach them?

Also, before you try, check out this answer:

  • We use cookies for authentication,

  • Since we set cookies while you are in the iframe of our app in Confluence, it's considered as a third-party cookie (we're the third party, after yourself and Confluence). The same pattern of cookie is used for advertising, but in our case, it's not advertising, it is actually needed for authentication.

  • So, do you allow cookies for ? Do you allow third-party cookies in your browser? Can you try in another browser, to be sure?

Thank you very much,
Adrien Ragot


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