Issue on confluence with enabling spreadsheets and forms after upgrades



The app seems to fail in Confluence 7.0.5, and even 7.0.1. I fixed it by removing dependencies with Spring JDBC, which, although it could be provided by Confluence, seems to fail.

It is unclear to me why we didn't discover it when testing the 7.0.1 release. I have to suppose that something else has changed and broke our dependency, but it doesn't seem to be the Java or Tomcat version, it could be UPM which upgrades automatically.

Anyway, it is corrected.

Original request by a customer

I am on a test instance I have upgraded from confluence 6.13.5 to 7.0.5 and upgraded all the PlaySQL plugins to their latest. The main PlaySQL plugin is up and seems to be running however the spreadsheets and forms plugins are not running and my license is valid for the spreadsheet plugin.

When I try to enable the plugin the system eventually times out saying that the plugin cannot be enabled and to look at the logs. From the logs I can get an error that points to something being wrong with the plugin by I cannot understand what. Could you please assist with this? I have put the error messages I am receiving in the email here.






Adrien Ragot (Old account)


Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)