How can we take a existing table and convert it to a dictionary?



I cant get my head around how the dictionary feature work. I have a table with five columns, I would like to define column 2 as the dictionary word and column 5 as the description.

Some of the rows in column two are multiple words.

Also in the end I would like the dictionary word to be in italics in the pages where its present in the space.

I've tried to read the manual and look at the videos on youtube, but cant get it to work as I understand its supposed to....


7.2.0, Chrome




Kaj Lehtinen
December 3, 2020, 8:54 AM


It seems the inline editor doesnt work selected/marked when the keyword contains national characters or space.

Also, the edit mode macro doesnt put up the two choices of using the selected text or inserting a new requirement keyword if the selected word contains national characters.

Havent tested if I can write national characters in the requirement ID textfield through or if its prohibited in that field.

Also, if I want to link up all the dictionary words on one specific page in one go, is there a way to do this? Like link all the occurances of the word in this space but instead on page X

Adrien Ragot (Play SQL / Requirement Yogi)
December 2, 2020, 10:53 PM

Hi Kaj,

It doesn't seem like you need to use the "dictionary" feature.

  • If you just want to configure a table with column 2 as keys, there is nothing to do, just putting requirement keys in this column.

  • If you want to configure column 5 as description, you need to put the RY Property macro in the header and tick "title".

  • To set requirements as italic, you need to give it the RY Property macro, with name=_formatting and value=italic

The dictionary feature is only if you want items to be added automatically to the list, was this what you wanted to do? If so, there should be only one page with requirements that contain the property "Type" equal to your dictionary name.

Best regards,
Adrien Ragot

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